The CodeFactory Starts

Just in time for Christmas there is exciting news from Ian Graham – the Code Factory is a go.

If you’re not already familiar with the CodeFactory think shared facility offices meet BarCamp. It’s this mix of private office space, open work space and community events that set the CodeFatory apart.

Of course productivity is at the core of any shared office facility, and the CodeFactory provides this in spades. First the shared facility offices are all about concentrating on your business – without having to think about your office. Teams can start and grow without once having to worry about outfitting their offices or finding new facilities as they grow.

If that was all the CodeFactory did it would be useful – but it does the same thing for individuals and for groups providing an environment for permanent and occasional work and group meetings. It’s hard not to think that connections and knowledge will flow helping the entire community at the same time as it provides members  unique insights and opportunities.

It’s a new approach that recognizes that while business was always about relationships it increasingly will be from the quality of your network – because that connects you to people, ideas and opportunities outside your personal knowledge. The CodeFactory builds the network of every person involved benifiting the entire community.

If this sounds interesting to you contact Ian at ian . thecodefactory at gmail dot com. 

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