A Social Media Alphabet

A – Advertising – is their any other business model?
B – Beta – a permanent state 
C – Conversions – moving users to the next phase in a web relationship
DDigg – thousands of voices saying “hey that’s cool” 
E – Engaging – connecting personally – social media’s goal 
FFaceBook Applications – hanging around with a popular kid hoping it rubs off on you
G –Search (Actually Google – no one else really matters)
H – Hits – don’t count – but page views, time on site, and links do
I – Invitations – as in building hype by making services exclusive (at least for a time)
J – Just Friends – friendship has stages but that’s unknown in social software
K – Karma – your deeds really last forever – especially on the web 
L – Links – the glue that holds the web, and people, together
M – Mobility – all the connections and a sense of place
N – Network – it’s the social kind that matters
O – Optimization – the process of fixing that’s most broke 
P – Page rank – See Search
Q – Queries – Investors or databases it’s the right answer that counts
RRecord Industry Association – proving suing users is a business model
S – Subscription – the quaint idea users would actually pay for a service
TTechnorati – tracking who cares about you and how important you are
U – User generated content – letting users enrich your site and their lives
V – VoIP, video and viral – two hot trends and how they got there 
W – WiFi – making coffee shops offices
X –  cross connections – the proof that there really are very few words wih X
YYouTube – proving 320x 240 pixels is the new television (ads and all)
Z – zzzzzzz where you should be if you got this far

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