Onslaught – Dove Evolution Follow-up

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A year after the Evolution Ad was released Dove releases the second installment – Onslaught.

Some interesting features – clickable web link at the end of the movie tied of a social and informational site. That’s great. The link should be more prominent though – and stay on at the end of the video.

There are some things that are different too. They’ve chosen to use a private hosting facility – instead of public site like YouTube or GoogleVideo. Presumably this gives them more information on which sites drive awareness. On the other it will likely slow the embedding as platforms like WordPress are optimized for the former platforms but have a slightly more convoluted method to load video form other sites.

The social / informational site seems active already – and the study – looks interesting.

Personally I’m not sure if the video is as compelling as the Evolution video – but it’s pretty clear that everything else associated with the campaign has gotten a lot more sophisticated. 


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