The Future of Software – The 8th C

GigaOm is kicking off a month long series on the future of software.

The first installment (written by Anne Truitt Zelenka – editor of the WebWorkerDaily) covers the 7 C’s of software:

– Collective
– Connected
– Cyborg
– Closed
– Composed
– Choreographed
– Cognizant

All the core themes are there. What’s implied, but missing is:

– Customary

Software will be embedded in everything – and the thought process that leads to applications using the 7C’s will change everything from marketing to media.

What makes the 7C’s so powerful (and why the 8th should be there) is that it’s possible to use second and third order indicators and predictors to deliver better experiences. With software it’s actual not reported behavior that drives presentation. More than that its’ the ability to use large data set models (economic and anthropologic) with highly personal and localized data that make software so powerful – not just as application tools – but as ways of thinking about people and the data their experiences generate.

Software is making a whole new mindset possible for programmers and non-programmers – and for that it will be customary.