CBS buys – Inspired

Mark Ramsey reports that CBS has bought

Mark speculates that in two years well see Last.Fm integrated into all of CBS’s radio web sites delivering the personalized online radio that is famous for.

While that my be true (except for the two year part) because if they plan to take that long they’d develop a similar offering for a lot less than the 280M they paid.

My guess is that it’s not just their sites they are interested in – I’d bet we see the first radio station on FaceBook far sooner that anyone expects.

It isn’t just that Quincy Smith – the Head of CBS interactive has repeatedly said “We can’t expect consumers to come to us. It’s arrogant for any media company to assume that.” (thanks to Jeff Jarvis for this)

It’s that it makes so much sense – the recently opened Facebook platform that allows developers to monetize their applications, the great brand that has build – much of it to the Facebook generation – and the association of those brands with CBS interactive.

It’s inspired – especially for a radio station.

Update:  From  Richard Jones portion of the blog   ” We’ll be back in an hour to finish off our facebook app :)”