Where’s the bucks?

Maggie Fox posted about Net Pop | Play survey that measured how Americans spend their ‘spare time’. Increasingly that’s online, if they have broadband. Maggie’s question:

“Given the fact that just 7% of advertising budgets are devoted to buys in a space where people spend more than 40% of their time, it would appear that there’s more than a little bit of a disconnect in the media marketplace”

I wonder whether the answer is due the differences in sales processes into media and web properties. 

My understanding is that ad agencies deal with a few brokers who can easily allocate spend in different markets, and regions with media buys. The same buys on the web are smaller individually (because most sites are smaller), less geographically targeted and require brokers to use entirely different metrics to access fit.

The other question is can web advertising be as densely packed as media allows. I read somewhere that newspapers can be over 50% ads and still be readable but a web page over 20% was unacceptable.

My personal feeling is that the advertising dollar will move to the web in a big way – but it won’t look like an (banner) ad– and it will target different parts in the buying process.

I think we’re starting to see what that will look like with social media and viral video – but it is very early days – and a lot for everyone (buyers) to learn – from what works to what metrics matter.