The Washington Post’s uses FaceBook API

The Washington Post has done it again – Face book announces an API – they announce an application using it (3 actually but 2 are just hinted at)

The first? A political compass! Answer a few questions and your political orientation is divined – nothing fancy here. But as soon as friend does you can start to map personal and political relationships. Possibly you don’t want to know – but that just means you’re not a political junkie. If you were you’d know the value.

To read more check out Rob Curley’s post on the launch.

One final note – As Rob says – this isn’t about getting headlines on other people pages it’s about branding to “Facebook members … interest in politics … that is the … site … for national politics”.

No word on the unannounced projects but it takes only a little imagination to see how news and social networks can make some pretty powerful and sticky applications.