Managing Online Communities

Matthew Haughey who’s run several community sites and written numerous books on online community has just written “Some Community Tips for 2007

There are Seven:

1. Take the emotion out of decisions
2. Talk like a human
3. Give people something they can be proud of
4. Bring users in during community decisions
5. Moderation is a full time job
6. Metrics spread the work out
7. Guidelines not rules

The whole post is great – and the site design is clean so online reading is easy – so go ahead read the whole thing I’ll still be here.

Back! Good. For media communities there are two areas that deserve special consideration

One is the role of profile both in addressing the crankiness that arises occasionally from anonymous posting but equally importantly the way profile can enable the delivery of targeted content – from articles to advertisements.

The other how flags and tags can make managing the site easier – by getting users to help identify what’s interesting or objectionable – letting you always be ahead of the broad community of users.

Communities don’t just happen – but the benefit of building them will ripple thorough you entire online strategy – and if you’re strategic your physical media as well.