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Recently there has been some talk about radio station web sites and how streaming on those sites is ranked by the rating group Arbitron.  At the time I’d commented that stations should just ignore Arbitron and do what’s in the long term interest of their business – certainly advertisers are willing to pay for effective online properties – at least that’s the experience of leading newspaper sites.

It’s a question of mindset. What exactly is the stations site supposed to be. If you visit almost any radio web site you’re greeted with a cacophony of images and buttons.

Everything seems to be shouting at you with the same intensity and importance.

But what’s a stations real value – content to listen to, a connection with your community.

Listen – Share

Two paths with very different behavioral objectives – and the perfect place to start presenting information the user wants.


One thought on “Listen – Share

  1. As a concept, I like it.

    However, as a concept, it ignores the business reality – if the “listen” page is the most popular, that results in two page impressions from every single user before they go away. The main task for any radio station website is to effectively market their station and to display commercial or public value: which is why it isn’t quite as easy.

    As an aside, you’ll notice ‘share this’ appearing on Virgin Radio’s on-demand content as of last night. And if you’ve two minutes, we’d really appreciate your vote for the Webby Awards: we’re up against some stiff competition. Vote for us if you can.

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