Content Presentation = Revenue

I’ve believe that ad’s are intended to influence behavior – and anything that changes the likelihood of a customer choosing you can be monetized. 

 I recently consulted to a group wanting to develop revenue models for a destination travel site. The site has a clean, friendly and inviting interface designed for one purpose – make it easy for a group of individuals who have not traditionally used web sites to do their work – to feel so comfortable working on the site and to return again and again.  

As a bit of background the site included a substantial amount of information from a variety of service providers (who might traditionally be seen as advertisers) presented to site users in ‘mini-web sites’ within the application. This information is necessary for the functioning of the system so the client encourages suppliers to enter it at no charge.  

Our approach was to look a various elements of this content and its presentation to identify where it was possible that differences in content presentation might influence buyer’s choices. Here are the types of things we suggested new fees:

  • For preferential placement in otherwise random lists (likelyhood of selection)
  • For larger windows for mini-web sites (easier to find info – impression of ‘bigger’
  • To add service ratings and rankings (authenticity and validation by others)
  • For additional content on mini-sites (express what’s unique)

What’s common across these is that the site remained clean and uncluttered but that the difference in presentation and information was sufficient that human behavior alone would result in increased likelihood of selection.