A Wonderous Community

Mitch Brisebois Jobe Roberts who also writes on the Sensory Metrics blog put me onto this great user community Wondercafe.ca which focuses on religious experience in a way that engages and entices – and the EZ Answer Squirrel video would keep me coming back – even if the conversation wasn’t engaging – which it is. 

Sensory Metrics -re-inventing the user eXperience” is a great source of information on user interface, wireless applications ,VoIP and keeping current on technology in this world. Like the Squirrel it has an irreverent approach that makes the delivery of difficult and challenging material entertaining. At a recent BarCamp one of the authors, Mitch Brisebois gave a presentation “Great Technology – Terrible Products” that had everyone wanting more.

Take a look you’ll be glad you did.

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