LinkedIn Answers – A Media Resource

If you haven’t been to LinkedIn Answers you should head over and take a look. It’s both a lot of fun and offers hints at where online media development may be going.


Just use the search box to find questions that interest you – like “Media + Online”.  It’s amazing what turns up – and who’s asking and answering – which is easy to find out as you can easily link from the questioner or person answering to their professional profile (company, role, web sites & blog). This  quickly adds a whole new dimension to the questions.


For instance I’ve been following an individual who had leadership roles in some pretty big Internet ventures asking questions about the “trigger point for traditional media to add online presences”  Areas of Disruption from Consumer Internet”  and “successful programs for online advertising.  Whether these questions portend a social media application targeted to traditional media– or even an open API available to media on a fee basis is impossible to say – but it’s an intriguing line of questions.


You of course can find ask questions as well – which opens some pretty interesting opportunities as well.