VoIP and Streaming Radio

News from the Asterisk world that Mexuar has announced a click to call button that can be embedded on web pages, in email and as part of banners – allowing users are connected in less than 10 seconds without the use of any special client software.


Sure click to call has been around for a while – but the ability to include conversation as part of a variety of web connection mechanisms – opens some unique opportunities – like call-in for streaming stations.


As I understand it streaming radio appeals to ex-pats who’ve moved to other cities. With technology like this it’s possible to build on that by deepening their connection to your station; they can be in your call-in, be targeted in special campaign tied to unique lines emailed to them (this can also be used to increase email sign-ups generally).

It means that not all the tried and true mechanisms for engaging an audience can be used – whether it’s on-air or via streams.