Media & Internet Telephony

As more services move to IP the boundaries between them will blur. Take Alec Saunders relaying that JaJah  has signed a distribution agreement with three European media companies  – to provide free telephone calling.

The media companies get new services that drive people to their web sites, and are probably linked to their properties in other ways. JaJah gets promotion and a piece of the new ad revenue.

It’s too early to say who the winners will be because a lot of that will be buried in the subtleties of the agreement and the interpretation as the parties roll this out – but I bet both parties want to assert themselves in the customers mind – because it’s that identification where the ultimate value will flow.

In the short term the media companies not only give use things to talk about – but now they give us a cheap easy to use way to do that.  What’s not to like about that – expecially if it gives the companies new opportunities to innovate their web presence.