Radio & monetizing the multi-media audience

James Cridland’s Bloggy blogg blog   has a great post about the value of cross media advertising

“of course radio stations should be selling multi-media campaigns: uniquely, the benefits of radio (immediacy, emotion, push-info) and the benefits of online (permanency, detail, data-capture), work perfectly together.”

It’s written as a gentle rebuttal to Mark Ramsey’s post on the value of click through on Radio sites.

Of course James is from England where web and radio are pretty interwoven and Mark writes from the US where they’re not – so much so I recently had a station-advertising manager tell me “Web traffic is nice, but cume and TSL are what pays the bills.” – Tell that to Yahoo or Google.

If you’re interested in radio, and the web you should read both these guys – but add some writing on social software by Danah Boyd or Many to Many  because radio is about community every bit as much as social software is.

Radio’s the ideal medium (local, personal, content connected by conversational breaks etc) to link and empower local social networks – both as a means to engage listeners more personally and to monetize the network where station, advertiser and listener benefit all align.