Radio and Social Marketing

Over at Hear2.0 Mark Ramsey says “If broadcasters are smart, … we will see a good share of that online revenue moving to radio’s (Internet Sites) … which can work in concert with the on-air offerings and produce a unique synergy for the advertiser.”

I’ve long believed that linking activity online and on air activity has special promise for radio – not just for advertising revenue but also for redefining and revitalizing the medium.

What’s needed is radio sites that do more than provide information but connect listeners to each other as can happen when self-expression (on the web) meets public recognition (on air).

It’s in that connection of private and social space that radio shines – because trusted voices can use conversational bridges to draw attention to events in the community even to the level of individual listeners if they post, comment or participate in interactive material. And recognition is a powerful tool for building an engaged committed community.

What does this have to do with advertising? At one level it helps TLS which plays into ad value, but more importantly it opens opportunities for social marketing which I believe will be the basis of advertising in an increasingly cluttered media world.